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CeX3D Inverse alpha Released for Linux

Hardcore Processing's new product CeX3D Inverse, a computer program for automatically turning ordinary photographs into digital 3D models, has now been released in version alpha for Linux. CeX3D Inverse is available for Linux in 64-bit and 32-bit in a command line version. Windows versions and a graphical user interface are coming soon.

The picture below is an automatically generated 3D model from three images:

The model consists of more than 600,000 polygons (trigons) and was generated automatically in around 47 minutes from three 4M pixel (2048x1536) images without any prior or manual camera calibration. A radial distortion hint of -0.02 was, however, given. The reconstructed 3D model is still noisy and contains small cracks, so improving the quality is still being worked on.

In addition to the high-resolution model above, a low-resolution model is also generated. This kind of model may be more suitable for some applications:

This model consists of only a little more than 7,000 polygons (trigons) and was generated automatically in around 32 minutes from the same three images as above during the same reconstruction. Even when viewed from a very different angle, as seen in the rendering above, the model looks plausible.

CeX3D Inverse can generate these models in OBJ and RIB formats. The above and other models shown are available for download in the gallery section (click here).

Price and Availability

CeX3D Inverse comes in two versions. CeX3D Inverse NCU is available for free for non-commercial use. CeX3D Inverse Pro may be used commercially and is currently available at a very low introductory price:

This price offer lasts until 28th of February 2013. After this date, the price becomes 675 EUR per license.

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