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CeX3D Inverse alpha Released

Hardcore Processing's new product CeX3D Inverse, a computer program for automatically turning ordinary photographs into digital 3D models, has now been released in version alpha. This version is available for 32-bit Windows, in addition to the 64-bit and 32-bit Linux versions. 64-bit Windows will be supported soon.

Improvements Since Version

Version alpha has the following new improvements:

Price and Availability

CeX3D Inverse comes in two versions. CeX3D Inverse NCU is available for free for non-commercial use. CeX3D Inverse Pro may be used commercially and is currently available at a very low introductory price:

This price offer lasts until 25th of April 2014. After this date, buying CeX3D Inverse may require paying for at least one month of development (price: 17,500 EUR).

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