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CeX3D Inverse at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, Canada

Hardcore Processing is developing a new product, called CeX3D Inverse: a computer program for constructing digital 3D models from ordinary camera images automatically.

People Are Desparate for ...

CeX3D Inverse received a great amount of interest at the exhibition of the SIGGRAPH 2011 conference held in Vancouver in Canada in the beginning of August 2011. We are extremely happy about this interest, since it means that we will be even more dedicated to turning CeX3D Inverse into a great product. This also implies that there is a good foundation for financing the final stages of the development. CeX3D Inverse has required more than two years of work by now and its development has been made possible by use of Hardcore Processing's in-house repository of advanced software technology developed over more than a decade; a lot of hard work is starting to bear fruit.

Yes, It is Possible

We often hear that people do not believe that it is even possible to create software like CeX3D Inverse. In some sense this is true, since it can never be done for all kinds of images; the problem itself is ill-posed and even a human can have severe problems seeing that two or more images are taken of the same scene. That being said, we can assure you that it is possible for most everyday images, provided that the images are photographed with a bit of care, though without one having to be a professional photographer or requiring anything else than an ordinary camera (or some existing pictures) and, after the pictures have been taken, a computer running Hardcore Processing's software CeX3D Inverse. No other special equipment is required and no special calibration of the camera is required.

When Will CeX3D Inverse Be Ready?

Many people have asked when CeX3D Inverse will be ready. To try to give an idea of that, there is now a list of what has to be done before anything can be released. We refer to this as CeX3D Inverse's critical TODO-list before alpha release (click here).

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