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Announcement: Demo of CeX3D Inverse and Standard ML technology at ML Workshop 2012 in Copenhagen 13th of September

CeX3D Inverse is Hardcore Processing's upcoming new product, a computer program for automatically turning ordinary photographs into digital 3D models.

On 13th of September 2012, Anoq will present a demo of CeX3D Inverse and some of Hardcore Processing's Standard ML technology at the ML Workshop 2012, which is held in Copenhagen this year and co-located with the International Conference for Functional Programming (ICFP). The schedule and website for the workshop is available here:

A couple of 3D reconstructions will be shown, such as the one seen below. However, the presentation will be mostly technical and focus on some of the Standard ML related technology used internally in CeX3D Inverse and available here at Hardcore Processing.

The picture below is an actual fully automatically generated 3D model from three images:

The model consists of more than 1.2 million polygons (trigons) and was generated automatically in around 191 minutes from three 4M pixel (2048x1536) images without any prior or manual camera calibration. The current in-house version is becoming both faster as well as more robust and can make a similar reconstruction from the same three images in now around 70 minutes, still using only a single CPU core and no graphics hardware acceleration. The above 3D model and older models can be downloaded from the gallery section (click here).

Our Current Situation and CeX3D Inverse Release

We have, unfortunately, had financing issues, due to a bank loan that we could not get as expected. This has given a lot of administrative overhead and means that we will have to take on other, possibly non-CeX3D Inverse-related, projects. This has slowed down the development and will likely slow it down further, but there are good news as well.

CeX3D Inverse is reaching a state where it is more or less ready for release. We have to set up the more practical parts, such as a licensing and payment system. The two remaining points (4 and 7) on CeX3D Inverse's critical TODO-list before alpha release (click here) also have to be completed and in addition to that, there are a couple of other issues that ought to be addressed, before releasing.

Due to the presentation at ML Workshop 2012 announced above, due to our financial situation and due to the state of CeX3D Inverse becoming fairly good, the intention is now to get CeX3D Inverse released early in September, before the 13th. There will be a short introductory period with a half-price discount for a professional license of CeX3D Inverse including one year (counting from 1st of October) of free upgrades. This introductory price period will end on 30th of September. The prices in summary:

Follow the news page (click here) to see the latest status and achievements.

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