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Points 1 and 2 on the Critical TODO-List Are Complete

CeX3D Inverse is Hardcore Processing's upcoming new product, a computer program for constructing digital 3D models from ordinary camera images automatically.

Some time ago, CeX3D Inverse's critical TODO-list before alpha release (click here) became available. The first two points on that list are now complete, along with other improvements and correction of some mistakes.

Point One

A previously used part of CeX3D Inverse has now been replaced. Along with this change, some improvements were also made. This has required a substantial amount of work and therefore taken a while to develop, as might be expected. The new method works well as a replacement and the improvements greatly helps in making CeX3D Inverse more robust than previously.

Point Two

Several corrections and improvements have been made, in order to improve the accuracy of the fully automated camera calibration. This turned out to require a lot more work than just correcting the two parts that were initially suspected of causing inaccuracies. Making the corrections and improvements has taken much more time than anticipated. Fortunately, the accuracy of the automated camera calibration has improved considerably by this.

The Work Continues

Although the corrections and improvements described above makes the output produced by CeX3D Inverse look a lot more promising, there is still work to be done. In particular, point 3 on CeX3D Inverse's critical TODO-list before alpha release (click here) will have to be solved, before any reconstructed 3D models can be presented.

Follow the news page (click here) to see the latest status and achievements.

Hardcore ProcessingModified: 2015-04-12
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